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    My surgery was challenging and risky because of my serious health issues. I'm taking tons of medication for Lupus, High Blood Pressure, Kidney disease, and Diabetes. With those types of medications taken to treat all my illnesses, there's a strong possibility of problems occurring during surgery. To prevent this from happening, Dr. Karim Meijer did his research as well as communicating with my physicians who are presently treating me.
    He was very much confident in doing the surgery, but my safety was his concern, which says a lot of how much he cares about his patients.
    Dr. Karim Meijer was extremely cautious and concerned. I had my right shoulder cuff repaired, which was successful!
    The reason for me using the word cautious is because my surgery was challenging.
    By communicating with all my physicians, this allowed Dr. Karim Meijer to make the best decision possible for my surgery.
    It was a very risky procedure that took longer than normal, but the surgery turned out successful!
    Dr. Karim Meijer was extremely pleased with outcome and proud himself.
    Dr. Karim Meijer is far most the best Orthopedic surgeon in the New Orleans surrounding area.
    I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an Orthopedic surgeon.
    He's kindhearted, thorough when explaining, and an awesome surgeon!
    I'm so happy he did my surgery and hopefully there's many of you who feel the same as I.
    Thank you, Dr. Karim Meijer, for making my surgery a success!

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