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  • "Dr. Meijer is the Best! This is my second shoulder surgery with him. Had left done 2 yrs ago and healing with right. I had more to done the right. Dr. Meijer is very knowledgeable and very intelligent. He truly cares about his. He is very intelligent and he has the best staff. Michelle T."
    Source: Yelp
  • "I have to say a huge THANK YOU! About 2 years ago, I reached my breaking point and was finally ready to seek treatment after suffering from lifelong patellar sublexations (kneecap dislocations, on both legs). I was recommended to Dr. Meijer by a previous patient. This previous patient, herself, had sought treatment there several years before for the same issue. Well, I did decide on Dr. Meijer and I have to say that it was the best decision! In May of 2017, I underwent surgery on my right knee, and in May of 2018, my left. My doctor, Dr. Meijer, was amazing! Every step of the way, I have been cared after from this team of doctors and their staff. After suffering from hundreds of dislocations over my lifetime, I had PTSD, and would have panic attacks especially when completing my physical therapies, post op. Dr. Meijer referred me for treatment for this as well, to a psychiatrist specializing in providing treatment for stress disorders among athletes.
    Well, I can say that I no longer worry about my kneecaps dislocating, as they no longer do! I never thought I would be able to say that. I am now completely and un-anxiously able to live my life. I have been able to do amazing things like climb Mount Lycabettus in Greece, climb Point Reyes Lighthouse in San Fran, and climb the Citedella in Budapest. I would never have thought any of this possible before. Anyway, long story even longer, I will forever be thankful for the recommendation of Texas Sports Medicine and for Dr. Meijer who has changed my life. My only regret is not coming in sooner."
    Source: Yelp
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