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  • "I spent the entire summer of 2019 with right shoulder pain and weakness. My bicep tendon became severed in September and an appointment was made with Dr. Meijer. After an MRI on my rotator cuff was performed, surgery was scheduled as soon as possible in early October. I am an active middle aged man who wanted to regain use of his arm and shoulder, however surgery was one of the last options I had hoped for. I only had an ACL knee surgery in the early 1980's with long incisions and long rehab to compare the upcoming surgery to. Dr. Meijer was confident things could improve with the operation. Dr Meijer made a small incision on my upper bicep to reattach the tendon and a number of small laparoscopic incisions on my shoulder rotator cuff region. The pictures from surgery and post surgery were amazing at the repair performed. I can truly say he "under-promised and over-delivered" on my results. I was not expecting to have stellar results or to feel this good. I must say one of the most remarkable experiences I have had post surgery was the pain management. I was sedated for the surgery and was given a "nerve-block" by Dr. Shiraz, which periodically gave doses of pain medicine (novacaine?) to only the nerves in my shoulder for 72 hours post surgery rather than medicate and sedate my entire body. The second 48 hours were uncomfortable but bearable. I took zero prescription pain medication during the first couple of weeks. I am now three month post my surgery and experience no pain (sleeping in the harness for 6 weeks is no picnic, however). I am continuing my prescribed rehab to regain my strength and range of motion and hope to be back to 90% to 95% by this summer. "

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